At Red C, we have been developing consumer mobile apps for over 10 years, helping companies meet their business requirements and put the consumer first.

Whether you wish to create a mobile app to promote your product, an app to increase brand loyalty and visibility, or a mobile commerce app, Red C has the knowledge and expertise to build a bespoke digital solution for you.

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Our consumer app experience

iOS App Development

iPhones and iPads still dominate the market in the UK and the US so we often recommend launching on iOS initially and then developing the Android app afterwards. Most iPhones now support TouchID or FaceID, bringing another level of security and privacy to the login process which we would highly recommend incorporating. iOS native development provides a high quality user experience and access to all the phones hardware.

Android App Development

Android is fast becoming the leading mobile operating system with over 70% market share in Asia and approaching iOS in Western countries. Red C has a huge range of experience in developing Android apps for both mobile handsets and tablets. With some of the highest specification handsets on the market Android is an essential platform for Consumer Applications.

HyBRiD App Development

Hybrid apps can be deployed on both iOS and Android platforms, from one codebase. We use the Ionic or React Native frameworks, meaning that we are able to access some native features of the phone while using HTML5 as the development language. Whilst HTML5 development provides cost savings there are limitations in functionality and quality.

promotional app

An app is a great way to promote your product or your business by increasing brand awareness, brand loyalty, consumer engagement and sales. Red C can help you design and develop an app that complies with your company's brand guidelines and markets your business/product effectively.

mobile commerce

M-commerce is gradually becoming the dominant mode of purchasing as consumers are constantly seeking simpler and more efficient ways to carry out daily tasks. Red C can help you build a stylish, modern m-commerce app so consumers can purchase your products/services from their smartphones or tablets.

loyalty app

A customer loyalty app enables consumers to check in via an app, and receive awards and offers via email, SMS or push notifications. More than this, loyalty apps can provide consumers with points in line with a rewards scheme, a model used by many successful brands to enhance customer service and loyalty, such as Nando's Chilli Points Reward system accessed via an app.


Luvdup: bespoke mobile gaming app for couples

The Luvdup app allows users to connect with their partners, friends and family to trade, award or deduct ‘luv points’ as a reward or penalty for their actions, facilitating stronger bonds.

Shadow Memory: the world's first interactive art installation app

GRAD is a non-profit art gallery established in 2013, based in dynamic Central London district Fitzrovia. The art gallery holds historical shows and contemporary exhibitions exploring social realities. GRAD's aim was to create the world's first interactive art installation to challenge preconceptions of London through an innovative mobile app that invites you to step off the beaten track and head into the urban unknown.

Spark Energy: consumer app for UK's leading energy supplier

Spark Energy is the U.K’s leading energy supplier for U.K households. They pride themselves on offering a refreshing alternative to the ‘Big Six’, providing top quality customer service and innovative technology. We carried out a detailed code review of their existing app and made significant fixes to improve the app’s technology and user experience.

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