Our roots are in the fintech sector as we have been creating mobile apps, websites and platforms for financial institutions for over 17 years.

We understand the needs of the fintech sector; security, reliability and quality must all be of the highest priority and offered at the highest level. At Red C, we are familiar with working alongside industry regulations and compliance issues. Our UK based developers will take every precaution to ensure that your data always remains in safe hands.

Our team extensive experience working with our client'sin-house developers, delivering optimal results by connecting to your services and data directly. Or, if required, we can build a bespoke backend platform to help you manage all of your data. Whatever your need or requirement, Red C can help.


Our fintech services

fintech App Development on ios

iOS' closed ecosystem and strict regulations ensure it is far more secure and is thus optimal for fintech apps containing sensitive user data. Most iPhones now support TouchID or FaceID, bringing another level of security and privacy to the login process which we would highly recommend incorporating into your fintech application. For example, Centtrip have incorporated TouchID into their app to enable users to access their account quickly and securely.

fintech App Development on android

Android is fast becoming the leading mobile operating system with over 70% market share in Asia and fast approaching iOS in Western countries. Red C has a huge range of experience in developing Android apps for both mobile handsets and tablets. With some of the highest specification handsets on the market, Android is an essential platform for Financial Applications.

API Development

At Red C, we’ve worked with some of the most complex API's in the business, whether you require us to connect to your in-house trading system, a third party data source or develop a new API from the ground up, our group of experts have the skills and expertise to create secure, efficient and robust connections between the app and the backend data sources.


The backend management system is often overlooked in app development, however it is the key to a successful enterprise app. We create bespoke backends for our apps rather than trying to adapt Web CMS's such as WordPress which are not fit for purpose. Red C have a huge library of code and use the open source Laravel framework to create secure, efficient backends which are easy to use. With dashboards, you have quick access to insights into your data.


Fintech mobile applications need to incorporate the highest level of security practices and user privacy. So, we ensure that all of our financial apps comply to FCA and GDPR regulations. Red C are Cyber Essential certified and GDPR compliant. We test all of our server and app code against the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and recommend a penetration test by a registered third party.


If you have an existing fintech application and wish to update it, finish it off or need a support team to keep it running, Red C can help. Our development team will review your existing code and report back any issues we find. We can then give you a quote to update your app with any extra functionality you require. For example, we carried out a code review on the Sharecentre app and worked with their internal team to produce a seamless product.


FEB: multilingual app visualises government financial data

FEB Radar provides updates regarding the most relevant indicators in the labour market, social security, competitiveness, taxation and economic conditions. The FEB's analysis of these indicators details recent socio-economic developments in Belgium, in a European context.

Yonda: track your spending & earn cash rebates

Yonda is a free, contactless, pre-paid card controlled via the Yonda app, available on both iOS and Android. When users use their card at one of Yonda's partner retailers, restaurants or experiences, they will earn cash back as Coin, which can be put towards future holidays, treats and gifts. Most notably, the app enables users to track how much money they are spending, and how much cash they have Coined in and is headed their way.

Trading Places: Educating traders with FX advice and analysis

Trading Places have been a leading presence in the FX trading space since 2018. Sharing educational FX advice and analysis to a large online community encouraged the need for a mobile app to accommodate their growing online network of traders.

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