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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a relatively new technology that can be utilised in any industry to enhance business operations, improve on customer relations, as well as provide a better overall user experience. As augmented reality developers, we look to provide bespoke app solutions that fully cater to your business’ requirements.

Many forward-thinking start-ups and corporate companies are looking at using AR for their business to gain a strategic advantage over their competitors and provide their customers with an innovative and engaging user experience. Contact our augmented reality app developers to find out how you can implement AR into your business strategy.

At Red C, our augmented reality developers are currently focusing on developing augmented reality apps that provide users with new and exciting ways of achieving everyday tasks. For example, we have developed ‘Where’s my car?’ – an app that detects when the user stops driving and stores the location of the car. In addition to this – opening the app will show you in AR technology exactly where your car is with a handy marker; you can even split the screen with a traditional map if you’d prefer. Our team of augmented reality app developers have created AR solutions for a whole host of projects; to find out about our previous work incorporating augmented reality, visit our case studies page.

Augmented Reality App Ideas