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Web Services, API’s and Backend Web Service Integration

Web Services, API's and Backend Web Service Integration

Red C are experts at developing and connecting to existing database systems. We can work with your IT department to successfully integrate an app with your existing processes and systems.

Wherever your data is held, Red C can help develop a backend web services integration to open it up to your customers to provide a seamless experience.

Does your business require backend web integration services or API integration services, you have come to the right place? Our app developers in London are available to discuss your API integration requirements today.

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API Connections

An API or an Application Programming Interface is a structured way of transferring information from one system to another.

Red C has worked with 100s of API’s from both third-party providers and in-house IT departments. Whatever your requirements our skilled developers can customise your API or create a new one from scratch, should you require this service? All our custom API’s are developed to industry standards, to ensure they are secure and stable. All API’s are hosted on a secure server, with an SSL certificate to ensure all data is encrypted as it travels from the app to the backend. All APIs have token-based authentication to ensure the highest level of security.


Database Connections

When you decide it’s time to go beyond a static informational app to something a little more “dynamic” for your customers, your app will probably need to be connected to a backend database. Backend database integration refers to allowing your app to communicate with a backend system so that users can add, remove and update information in the database at any given time. Most database-driven apps also allow users to search [query] the database too.

Over the years, the Red C team have worked with a vast variety of databases, so the chances are, however, your data is stored we can connect to it. Here are some examples of different types of databases that our team can connect to:

• Microsoft SQLServer
• Oracle
• MongoDB
• Firebase
• SQLite
• MS Access

Systems Integration

Most companies have built up a suite of systems to manage their internal and customer-facing processes. Some of these processes will be old legacy systems, some might be third-party services and others may still be paper-based.

Rather than attempt to replace all these systems with a new mobile-first system, which would be both costly and time-consuming, Red C’s approach is to focus on solving the biggest pain point first to deliver the highest return on investment. We can then integrate this new core system with other existing systems and replace them only as and when necessary. Our technical discovery package includes a day onsite with your technical team to understand your processes and systems, we can then plan a strategic pathway to improving your systems within your timescale and budget.

Web Services

Web services are a structured way to access data from a website or online system. Web services can allow mobile apps to access data from a website, for example, this means the information will only have to be entered once. There are many sources of content now that provide web integration services to enable 3rd parties to access that content. Stock market data, live weather forecasts and the latest news are just some of the web backend services that Red C has worked with to provide up-to-date data in our mobile apps.