Our Design Process

At Red C, we believe in design led development. Outstanding, intuitive User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design lays the foundation for a successful mobile app. Our mobile app designers invest time in user research at the beginning of a project to ensure we create a product that is engaging and achieves your user’s goal in the best way possible.

Understanding Your Strategy

During the initial consultation, we give your idea the “stress test” by challenging any assumptions. We will also spend some time brainstorming to refine your business objectives, product goals and how we can help you achieve these. We are all about involving our clients.

User Research

In order to understand the user, we must observe, engage and empathise with people to fully understand the problem. This involves carrying out anything from client surveys and interviews to creating persona profiles and an empathy map to showcase your users’ needs. These insights help to define the core problem and establish your website and app features and functionalities.

User Experience (UX)

At Red C, we keep the user experience at the forefront when making choices of how to organise and present your content. We want the audience to see complex data in a simple and user-friendly way, therefore during this process we use different methodologies to review all gathered data about the users, their needs, past experiences and general product requirements. We make sure that data is all filtered and assigned to the relevant information groups and product sections.


Using the data we have collected, we create sketches and blueprints of the user journeys that map out your app’s features and functionality. This is an experimental stage that explores and determines the most efficient and intuitive way of solving the core problem your target users face.

Branding, User Interface (UI) & Prototype

Once the best user experience is in place, our lead designer will work with you to create a visual identity for your app and translate this across the User Interface. This involves creating a logo, icons and choosing a colour scheme and typography that fits your brand and suits your users. We ensure that your product has a modern, clean interface and it's design patterns are consistent throughout all screens.

Having digitalised the wireframes, we then create an interactive prototype that demonstrates the app’s interface and key user journeys. This explores the relationship between the screens and the functionality of the product. Often, we find that the interactive prototype is used to pitch to investors for funding.

Usability Testing

Once the prototype is completed, it will be shown to your end users for feedback and to test the solution. The feedback gives us a perspective of how real users would behave, think and interact with the end product. After we have gathered this feedback, we will iterate and improve the design accordingly. Iteration and user involvement lay the foundation for any successful product.

What next?

We are approachable and you won't be speaking to a hard-nosed salesperson. Even if you don't choose us for your project, at the very least an initial chat will help you to solidify your app requirements and understanding.
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