Design Process

At Red C, we believe in design led development. Outstanding, intuitive User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design lays the foundation for a successful mobile app. Our mobile app designers invest time in discovery at the beginning of a project to ensure we create a product that is engaging and achieves your user’s goal in the best way possible.

Initial Consultation & Discovery

During the initial consultation, we give your idea the “stress test” by challenging your assumptions. We brainstorm to refine your business objectives, product goals and how we can help you achieve these.

In order to understand the problem space, we must research and empathise with your target users to fully understand their needs. These insights help to define the core problem and establish your product's features and functionalities.

Sitemap & Wireframes

Our designer will work with you to build a site-map of your product’s content in the form of a hierarchical list of pages. This will give you a clear overview of the whole product and its content. This will work as a live document that will be updated throughout the design process.

Alongside the development of a site-map, we will begin to create black and white screens to map out the key user journeys and structure of each individual screen, ensuring your product has all the essential features and functionalities. This is an experimental stage that explores and determines the most efficient and intuitive way of solving the core problem your target users face. This stage focuses solely on user flow and core functionality without the distraction of any branding or visual design, to ensure your product is as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

Interactive Invision Prototype

Having digitalised the wireframes, we create an interactive prototype in Invision to demonstrate the relationship between the screens and the core functionality of the product. This gives you a chance to experience using the product at an early stage, and allows you to provide regular feedback as the designs are updated in real time.

User Interface

Once the best user experience is in place, our designer will work with you to create a visual identity for your app and translate this across the user interface. This involves creating a logo, icons and choosing a colour scheme and typography that fits your brand and suits your users. We ensure that your product has a modern, clean interface and it's design patterns are consistent throughout all screens.

What next?

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