Innovative App Design

At Red C, we believe in design led development. Great design is the foundation for a successful app, we invest time in user research and design at the beginning of the project to make sure we are creating a solutions users will engage with and want to use.

Successful apps are not only great to look at, but are simple and easy to use. At Red C, our app designers are here to advise on how to maximise your app’s user experience. Our app designers are fanatical about UX/ UI app design and spend considerable amount of time working with you to create the best possible user journey, by helping you choose colour themes, font styles, iconography and imagery, all of which compliment and adhere to your brand guidelines. 


Wireframes are a basic blueprint of the user journey, featuring the functionalities of each screen. Red C have a design team that will involve you in converting your idea and culminating content into an intuitive and engaging user journey. This is simple to understand with arrows guiding you through each screen.
App wireframe


Getting the brand identity right is key to the success of your app, our app designers will meet with you to discuss the app’s design direction. This involves choosing a colour scheme and font that will be used to create the main logo and an app icon. Additionally, the team will create a graphic which embodies the feel of the app, which will then be fed back for your approve.

Visual App Design

We understand that committing to a full-scale mobile application is a big step, therefore Red C offer an affordable demo app package that can aid in pitching your idea to future investors. Within this package, we use visual wireframes and designs to provide you with a simplified yet functioning mobile app representing the full user journey.

Demo App

Once the above process of wireframing, branding and creating visuals has been completed, our app designers use these to build a prototpye app. A prototype app stitches together the app’s designs to give a clear overview of the user journey on a phone. Having a real life product to show investors is often pivotal to gaining their support. The basic prototype will demonstrate the app’s page view and button functionality.

What next ?

We work with some of the UK leading brands to create outstanding mobile solutions. Click the button below to find out more about some of our recent projects.