July 19, 2016
Written by
Rob Sturgess

Once you have entered the magic top 50, a steady supply of downloaders is a given. To reach the top 50 in the App Store, an app needs those all important 5 star ratings.

Like any product, providing attentive customer service is pivotal to an app’s success. A support service is valuable for addressing user quibbles and provides the opportunity to increase your App Store reviews. Respond to the good, the bad and the ugly to create a connection between your brand and users.

Or leave it up to the experts and use tools like, Apptentive. The tool manages feedback, conversations, surveys and creates review prompts within the app.

Take inspiration from banking app Mondo and use Trello to keep users in the loop with your plans for the future. Users can view Mondo's public roadmap, the Trello board shows their goals for app updates and new features, creating a transparent process. A public roadmap is a valuable tool to make users feel involved in the app's direction. 

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