Take on the twittersphere and reach the influencers that matter. First create the following, whether this involves stalking or stealing.

Use tools like Audiense to source influencers in your industry, the tool allows you to search Twitter for top industry specific users.

Once you’ve found them, make them feel special and send them a link to your app. Use exclusive beta testing to entice influencers, who with one retweet could prevent your app flopping like social media app, Peach (you’ve never heard of it right?). They have the power to take your campaign viral. 

Once you have an audience, it’s time to bombard their feeds with engaging content which they cannot help share, like and click. Whether it is cat video or a topical meme - who cares if it is driving traffic to you! 

Offer them something, why not make your paid app free for launch week and inch your way to the top? If the results are good, then it is time to start ploughing money into paid social campaigns, until you have exhausted all platforms. If you have found a good thing - why stop? 

Discover Tip #4 in our Growth Hacking series.

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June 30, 2016
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