Barts Health bringing NHS training into the 21st Century

September 9, 2016

Startups are accelerating their internal processes with tech, and larger companies are taking notes. Barts Health is the largest NHS trust in the UK, operating in the City of London and East London. Barts, have harnessed mobile solutions to transform the way they train their staff.

The NHS are not famed their advanced IT infrastructure, mainly due to a lack of investment and outdated processes. With demand rapidly increasing in the public sector and funding shrinking, new innovative ways to maximise efficiency are crucial.  Red C worked alongside Barts Health Trust to build an e-learning platform for their NHS employees.

Training for NHS staff, as it stood was a manual process, involving a eCPD app. 85% of Barts Health employees own a smartphone, employees agreed that using their personal phone for work purposes was a

The app allows NHS staff to log in, create personal and professional development plan which includes mandatory training and optional modules. Staff can complete modules, anywhere and at anytime. Once completed a notification is sent to both the member of staff and their supervisor, to show they have carried out the necessary training. The app also allows users to submit their own material for review by the editorial team from the backend admin control panel. From the admin panel users can also add content and view which members of staff have completed which modules. The e-learning platform has transformed the learning process; minimising wasted time, inefficient technology and lack of compliance.

The app provides NHS staff with flexibility over training, they can complete modules - anywhere and at any time. This improved accessibility has seen compliance with statutory training reached a record 93%. With this success, parent company eHealthPD have commissioned a series of apps with the purpose of transforming the lives of NHS staff at work for the better. Barts Health have harnessed the power of mobile which has overturned their outdated training process for the benefit of both their employees and the Trust.

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