NHS: Barts Health

eCPD, a cross platform app available on iOS, Android and Windows that enables NHS staff to complete the latest training modules.

NHS: training app to replace paper-based system

Barts Health is the largest NHS trust in the UK, serving 2.5 million people and operating in East London. The eCPD app was developed across iOS, Android and Windows for wide accessibility to decrease the amount of time their 14,000 staff have to leave the frontline to attend training courses and keep their personal development up to date.


Training for Barts Health staff was a manual process, involving a paper-based system which was both time consuming and inefficient for the personal development of staff. Barts Health looked to develop an app to transform this process.

The development of an app has provided NHS staff with flexible training, enabling them to complete modules anywhere and at any time. This improved accessibility has seen compliance with statutory training reach a 93% record. As a result, parent company eHealthPD have commissioned a series of apps with the purpose of transforming the lives of NHS staff at work for the better.



Red C worked very closely with Barts health director of Academic Health Sciences to develop an online backend control panel that is used by system admins to upload course content into the backend.


The app was carefully designed to make it easy to use and provide users with a personalised recommended priority learning feed of modules relevant to their profession and interests. Once the app was launched, staff were able to create an account on the app, login, and take certain modules based upon their preferences.

The app allows users to create a personal and professional development plan which includes mandatory training and optional modules.

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  • Personalised training plan
  • 100s of courses and tests within the app
  • Notifications on test completion
  • Backend for medical professionals to create new modules
  • NHS Staff can review tests
  • Personal development plan
  • Record CPD points

Red C is very accessible, friendly and responsive. They're fun to work with, good designers and take a lot of pride in what they do.

Jo Martin, Director at Barts Health
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