Augmented reality is a relatively new technology that can be utilised in any industry to enhance business operations and improve customer relationships.

Many forward thinking startups and corporate companies are looking at using AR for their business to gain a strategic advantage over their competitors and provide their customers with an innovative and engaging user experience.

At Red C, our Research and Development team are currently focusing on developing augmented reality apps that provide users with new and exciting ways of achieving everyday tasks. For example, we have recently developed Where's my cAR? - an app that detects when the user stops driving and stores the location of the car. That's not all - opening the app will show you in AR technology exactly where your car is with a handy marker; you can even split the screen with a traditional map if you'd prefer.


Augmented reality app ideas

Educational AR

An educational AR app tailored at medical students could enable users to look around a specific part of the body and tap the screen in order to to learn more. This could work for a range of educational areas and training from finding the source of historical texts, to scientific experiments.


An AR app built for retail could enable users to experience a product before they purchase it online. For example, imagine you wanted to try on a piece of jewellery from the comfort of your home to see how it would fit before you made the decision to purchase it.

Food and Drink AR

A food or drink related AR app could allow users to see how their meal/drink is made and how it looks before ordering it, helping to solidify their decision on what to order/purchase.

Sports AR

Sports AR could enable users in the crowd at a sports match to point their phone towards the pitch in order to pull up detailed match statistics in real-time.

Construction AR

Construction AR could allow architects to map out how a building might look and fit into its physical surroundings.

Art AR

Art AR could enable users to go on a virtual tour of the city learning about street art for example. We created an interactive art installation app for the GRAD art gallery. A diverse collection of digital narratives is accessed via the Shadow Memory app, each one unfolding as the user follows the route on foot, through the city of London.

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