Live video chat app connecting plumbers and heating engineers with customers in need of WPJ services.

Clipfix: connecting plumbers with customers in real-time

WPJ Heating is a leading plumbing and heating company based in London. WPJ Heating approached Red C to design and develop Clipfix, an app connecting plumbers and heating engineers with customers facing issues at home.


WPJ Heating found that they were being called out to homes to solve plumbing and heating issues that could have been fixed by the customer themselves, providing that a small degree of technical advice was offered by the engineers.

Thus, WPJ Heating approached Red C to develop a mobile app that would solve this issue and leverage the power of technology to connect the engineer with the customer in real-time through a live video chat functionality, including a flashlight and screenshot abilities.



Red C designed a prototype app to map out the most efficient user journeys for both the plumber/heating engineer and the customer.


We initially developed Clipfix on iOS to test the market, considering iPhones and iPads still dominate the market in the UK. Following this, we began working on an Android version of the app to maximise accessibility for WPJ Heating customers.

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  • Choose a reliable, vetted, experienced plumber of your choice
  • Live video call the plumber who will try to help you fix the problem
  • Rate your plumber and the experience
  • Receive your job description and photos from your live video call

The developers were excellent and really worked hard towards the end game when the HQ team was pushing for completion. Thank you Red C for developing our dream and making it a reality.

PJ Luard, CEO and Founder
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