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5 pitfalls to avoid when choosing an app development company

We have witnessed many apps that are the work of ‘cowboy’ app developers, so here are the potential pitfalls of choosing the wrong app development agency and things to consider to help you pick the right one.


Developing a mobile app is a big commitment; for many people, it also is something that they have never embarked on before or know relatively little about. Therefore, creating a relationship of trust between yourselves and the developer is essential. When choosing an app developer it is important to ask about their level of experience, ensure you look at their portfolio, download their apps and ask for case study examples.


Similarly, gain an understanding of their ability to communicate highly technical problems to the layman. Questions to ask include: will there be a project manager dedicated to my app? Which communication channels do you use to keep me updated with the progress of the project? And how often will I be updated?


The design of an app is increasingly pivotal to its success. Regardless of whether you are creating an app for your external consumers or your internal workforce, design directly impacts the user experience. Choosing an agency which promises to deliver app design for next to nothing can often result in an app that is not only aesthetically displeasing but is also hard to use. It is important to remember, design taste changes from country to country, which could result in your app having an outdated interface which makes it stand out for all the wrong reasons. Look for previous examples of the agency’s app design, along with finding out more about the design process they undertake.

Technology and testing

In many cases, apps riddled with bugs are often the consequence of outdated technology. Ensure that the agency you choose can demonstrate that they are confident with the latest tech. In addition, the agency’s testing process is key. Test driven development is more expensive, often because the process takes longer, but ultimately produces high quality results. Therefore, make sure the development company can demonstrate how bugs are found and implement fixes before the product goes to market.

Underquoted and undelivered

Choosing an app developer purely on price can lead to corners being cut and a product which does not meet your initial requirements. Achieving a Minimal Viable Product is more important than attempting to implement a whole host of features that don’t function according to your original requirements.

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