Spark Energy

Red C conducted a code review of Spark Energy's existing app, carrying out detailed bug fixing and implementing new features.

Spark Energy: consumer app for UK's leading energy supplier

Spark Energy is the U.K’s leading energy supplier for U.K households. They pride themselves on offering a refreshing alternative to the ‘Big Six’, providing top quality customer service and innovative technology. We carried out a detailed code review of their existing app and made significant fixes to improve the app’s technology and user experience.


Spark Energy approached Red C unsatisfied with the performance of their existing app developers due to the lack of communication and progress being made. They needed a team who would fully commit to the project and share regular updates.

After meeting with Spark Energy to discuss the issues they were facing, Red C carried out a review process which included a detailed code review, bug fixing, and a consultation period. After the success of version 1, we started working on new features for version 2 of the app.



The code review included refining the file structure to meet industry standards.


We carried out in-depth app testing to identify any bugs or problems, in order to create a stable base for future development.


With our understanding of the product, we re-scoped the work. We suggested and implemented new features, before releasing version 1 of the app.


After the success of the first release, Spark Energy asked Red C to update their system further. Most recently, Red C have upgraded the 'meter reading' user interface and introduced an in-app support chat for any users with questions that need to be answered instantaneously. The new features have received a very positive response from users.


Whilst working with Spark Energy, we provided agile ‘short sprint delivery’. Once the app was submitted to the store, we provided Spark Energy with weekly builds for the following 8 weeks. We used Trello, the Project Management tool of Spark’s choice to communicate the bugs that needed fixing. We continue to be Spark Energy’s preferred mobile development partner.

  • View account balance
  • Submit meter readings
  • Account history
  • Make a payment
  • View and change energy plan
  • Edit your contact details
  • In-app support chat

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