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5 startup apps we should all know about

Daisie app logo

Daisie – a place to find your audience

‘From Hollywood to Silicon Valley’ – WIRED

Post Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams has teamed up with fellow creative Dom Santry to develop Daisie, an app that facilitates connections between creators and encourages creative collaboration. Dom, a camera assistant in the film industry shared with Maisie his concerns that young creatives struggled to ‘access opportunities that would enable them to progress their careers’ and stressed the need for a platform that would help with this. 

Daisie mobile app

Daisie is aimed at a range of creatives; filmmakers, photographers, musicians, visual artists, actors and designers providing ‘a safe place for people to upload their work even if it’s just an idea, without being criticised.’ – Maisie Williams

Photographer capturing street art

Despite the fact that the user experience appears to be fairly similar to Instagram with a live feed, post notifications and a message button, users have no follower count unlike other popular social media apps, such as Instagram. Maisie has declared that the lack of follower count proves that Daisie is not attempting to rival other popular social media platforms that are used by most Gen Z and Millennials as a way of quantifying one’s popularity or attractiveness based on follower counts. Maisie and Dom have solidified this sentiment as their website is plastered with the strapline; ‘Success not Stardom, Talent not Fame’. Rather, it is the prospect of collaboration that allows a user’s profile to grow, broadening their network and community within the app. 

Consequently, it is clear that Daisie is a must-have for any creator looking to establish an artistic career, as the platform places users at the forefront of a global networking community. 

Eatwith app logo

Eatwith – unforgettable culinary experiences

‘Eatwith is revolutionising the way we think about breaking bread’ – VOGUE

Eatwith is a startup based in San Francisco, which has now been purchased by European ‘social eating platform’ VizEat. Eatwith is at present an amalgamation of both its former self and VizEat, this roll-up puts the platform at the ‘forefront of the sharing economy within the food and travel sectors.’ 

Eatwith mobile app

This app connects travellers keen for a taste of authentic local culture with hosts who are willing to cook meals for strangers in their homes. More than this, VizEat’s roll-up with Eatwith means that the app now offers cooking tours and food tours with locals in over 130 countries, connecting food lovers from all around the world. 

Friends enjoying a meal

The recent effects of globalisation tend to encourage tourists to visit Westernised chain eateries whilst abroad as American franchises such as ‘McDonald’s’ thrive around the globe. Eatwith aims to offer an alternative to this by encouraging travellers to try authentic local cuisine. The app is a must-have for any traveller who is eager to engage with locals, build relationships based on a shared love for food and culture and immerse themselves in a variety of authentic culinary experiences. 

Nez app logo

Nez- a digital equivalent to the conventional restaurant chalkboard

New startup app Nez, founded by Joe Zender, provides Londoners with savings at eateries and drinking spots across Central London. 

Nez mobile app

Nez is hyper-local, enabling users to discover food and drink offers that are typically within a 15-minute walking radius, perfect for city slickers looking for new/cheaper places to lunch or enjoy post-work drinks with colleagues.   

Friends enjoying drinks

By promoting different and exclusive offers every day, as well as the odd freebie, Nez ensures that their offers are always fresh and current, allowing users to access the best of London’s range of cuisines whilst supporting local businesses over chain eateries. 

Nez aims to combat the cost of urban living in London which can often ‘clash with [the] desire to eat well, live healthily and generally make the most of your time on the planet.’ – the Nez story

The Dots app logo

The Dots – for the people and the teams that don’t wear suits to work

The Dots, similar to Daisie is incentivised by the prospect of providing creators and entrepreneurs with a broad networking community, encouraging collaboration and an appreciation for an artistic skillset. However, what sets The Dots apart from Daisie is the capacity for employment, extending beyond collaboration. Users can join The Dots as a creative posting a portfolio of work, descriptive or visual to demonstrate their skillset within their chosen field as well as their work history. Then, with the ability to scan hundreds of ‘curated’ companies and job vacancies, users can apply to job postings using their profile as a testament to their artistry or competence.

The Dots mobile app

As the platform has flourished, it has simultaneously evolved and expanded. In-app/web offers are now available to members of The Dots community supported by their partner brands ranging from discounted graphic design classes, business cards or resources such as ‘Shutterstock’. Events are on offer to creatives such as exhibitions, workshops and expos to broaden skill sets, employability, and widen one’s creative network.

Graphic designer on mobile phone

Headspace app logo

Headspace – a personal meditation guide, right in your pocket

An app that has taken off in the last few years for its astonishing ability to improve mental health and wellness is stress reliever Headspace, offering users self-help guides and tips centred around the healing powers of meditation. 

Headspace mobile app

The app claims to teach people how to meditate in order to relieve stress, focus more, and sleep better, by simplifying and preaching life-changing mindfulness skills for beginners.  

Young man meditating

Many users see the platform as revolutionary, as it has transformed their mental health by helping individuals cope with stress and anxiety and improving compassionate behaviour. In June 2017, Headspace launched a new version of the app with a complete redesign, new animations and more content to enhance user engagement. Consequently, the platform reached an astonishing 1 million subscribers by June 2018, addressing end users as being ‘a part of something amazing’. 

‘As a lifelong meditator, I can say there is nothing like this out there. It’s one of a kind.’ – Headspace app user

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