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Augmented Reality Mobile App Questions Answered

Augmented Reality or AR has become a popular way of transforming businesses via a simple mobile app. The most famous example of an AR mobile app that reached widespread commercial success is Pokémon Go. This app was just one of the many examples of the amazing things you can create by utilising Augmented Reality technology. If you are not too familiar with AR then check out our page on it, as well as reading on below.


What Is Augmented Reality?

To start off simple it is important to clarify what augmented reality is. Augmented reality enhances what is already present. It is important to distinguish between AR and VR or Virtual Reality. Face altering filters on social media platforms are examples of Augmented Reality as they involve altering or enhancing the faces of people. Virtual Reality on the other hand creates an entirely new virtual environment around you.


Who Are the Companies Using Augmented Reality?

In today’s world, many companies have used Augmented Reality for marketing as well as mobile app purposes. Companies like Google, Amazon and IKEA have jumped on the trend and more will soon follow. Renowned pool development company in the US; Latham Pools, has created an AR mobile app that allows you to see what a pool would look like in your garden, instead of having to guess the outcome beforehand. Some online outlets allow you to place virtual art on your walls instead of having to buy them first, this saves you time and most importantly, money!

What Does the Future of AR Look Like?

With more and more companies developing Augmented Reality mobile apps, the future is looking very bright. The driving force behind this is Google, the tech giant that has invested over half a billion into the rapidly growing AR company Magic Leap. Apple is introducing their ‘ARKit 4’ and Facebook have developed ‘Spark AR’, these are 3 of the biggest companies in the world and they are the frontrunners, pioneering the advancement of Augmented Reality technology.

Can AR Mobile Apps Help My Business?

Absolutely! Augmented Reality mobile apps will be a great way to ensure your business stands out when pitted against competitors by offering a superior customer experience. Instead of putting endless amounts of money into photography and videos, try to create an AR 3D model that can be used within your mobile app, this will make it easier for users to see what your business can offer.


Should I Invest in AR for My Business?

Investing your money into AR mobile apps will be one of the best decisions that you can make. If you are a looking to catch the eye of users on the App Store and Google Play Store, then producing an AR app is one of the ways to do it! Using AR technology in your apps will give your company an edge on its competitors and make you stand out as one of the most professional and qualified businesses within your sector.


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