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Developing Non-Profit and Charity Mobile Apps

If you work for a non-profit organisation or a charity, you may feel that developing an app would not benefit the organisation as its not a money-making enterprise. However, engaging in mobile app development can actually prove extremely beneficial for a non-profit organisation. Developing a mobile app can increase visibility and awareness for your charity and causes, introducing more people to the organisation. If you're interested in non-profit mobile app development get in touch with us today.

Raise Awareness

Around 25% of volunteers and donors are using smartphones to discover new non-profit organisations to support and advocate, according to Non-profit Source. This means that mobile app development could be extremely valuable for an upcoming charity that is looking to publicise its cause and spread awareness and advocacy by increasing visibility. An app is also a lot easier to promote than a websites, this means it will be much easier to raise awareness for your charity.

Organise Social Events

Now that we’re looking towards life post-pandemic, social events can be organised once more! For charities and non-profit organisations, social events are huge part in spreading awareness, recruiting volunteers and raising donations. A mobile app will allow volunteers to spread the word as quickly and efficiently as possible, as spreading the word online can reach millions of people instantaneously.

A great example of a mobile app which had a profoundly positive impact on a non-profit is the World Clean up Day app created to publicise and facilitate the event which occurred on the 15th September 2018. The app focused on locating areas of waste and allowed a total of 15 million people to engage in an effort online.

Increase Donations

The process of mobile app development can encourage and increase donations. A mobile app will make it far easier for supporters and advocates to donate to charities as its faster, simpler and more efficient. It will also enable donors to pay using secure online payment methods such as Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Recruit Volunteers

Mobile app development for a non-profit or charity will allow you to advertise your organisation and cause by sharing information and even personal insights from current volunteers to encourage other advocates of the charity to get involved. An app can make it far easier for supporters to become volunteers by accessing relevant information on up-to-date volunteer roles and offering users the ability to directly contact or message the organisation within the app by designing a forum or instant messaging board so advocates will be able to get in touch if they’re interested in volunteering.

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