With the average smartphone user spending over 4 hours a day using mobile apps, it is surprising that one-quarter of non-profits do not have a mobile optimised website, much less a mobile app.

Whether your organisation wishes to increase support and advocacy for your cause by enhancing your visibility, or you wish to digitise your donation process to engage a whole new generation of younger donors, Red C can build an optimal digital solution for you.

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Development services for non-profits

iOS App Development for NON-PROFITS

If you're targeting a Western audience, focusing more on Western Europe, Australia and North America then iOS is the best platform for your non-profit as iPhones and iPads still dominate the market in the West. We often recommend launching on iOS first and then developing on Android afterwards.

Android App Development FOR NON-PROFITS

If you're targeting a broad global market then Android is the best platform for your non-profit, dominating the market share in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Red C has a huge range of experience in developing non-profit apps for Android on both mobile
handsets and tablets.

HyBRiD App Development FOR NON-PROFITS

Hybrid apps can be deployed on both iOS and Android platforms, from one codebase. We use the Ionic or React Native frameworks, meaning that we are able to access some native features of the phone while using HTML5 as the development language. Whilst HTML5 development provides cost savings there are limitations in functionality and quality. For example, the YoungPlanet app promoting sustainability by encouraging community sharing between local parents was built using cross-platform technology to save costs and time to market.

MOBILE app for volunteers

An app that enables volunteers to find local fundraising events that they wish to take part in, or, an app that embraces do-it-yourself fundraising; empowering supporters with the tools to organise fundraising events themselves, will rapidly increase supporter engagement. Leveraging the power of social media has proven to be very useful for non-profit apps aimed at volunteers.. Supporters can share their fundraising activities with their social network, enhancing visibility as supporters market the cause on behalf of your organisation.


Digitising donations could massively improve the donation process. Digital donations facilitated through a mobile app will engage a whole new generation of donors who prefer using their smartphones to complete tasks and payments. As well as this, a mobile app will bridge the information gap between donors and recipients by showing donors exactly where their money is going. For example, the Gift of Giving app helps to create a personal relationship between the donor and the recipient.

Support and Maintenance

Once your app is submitted and in the app store(s), Red C can offer an ongoing support and maintenance contract as well as scalable hosting services to keep your app up-to-date and running smoothly. We offer several levels of support with differing Service Level Agreements to suit your budget and requirements.


Safeline: Mobile App to Help Victims of Sexual Violence

The Safeline app is free to download, launched by specialist sexual abuse and rape charity; Safeline, to enable users in Warwickshire to refer victims of sexual abuse as quickly and easily as possible. The app has been designed for agencies in Warwickshire who may need to refer victims for specialist support, including, the Police, local authorities, NHS, GP’s, Schools, and Social Services.

YoungPlanet: community sharing app for parents

YoungPlanet approached Red C to develop an iOS and Android app that helps parents with the movement of unwanted children’s clutter to new homes where the items can be enjoyed again, entering a second life cycle.

PSC Support: Supporting PSC patients with an intuitive mobile app

PSC Support is the leading UK-based charity organisation for anyone affected by primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC); a chronic illness that affects the liver. PSC Support is working to improve the lives of people affected by PSC by providing vital information and support.

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