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Reasons why your business needs an enterprise app

Here we discuss the importance of going mobile and the benefits an enterprise app can bring to a business.

The reasons for developing an app can vary from business to business, but the benefits are clear. An app can be developed to have a range of purposes for a business from: job scheduling, HR, in-house training and audit tasks. An app can overhaul an outdated

Reasons why your business needs a mobile app

At Red C we designed and developed an app on behalf of Ductclean. The app allows supervisors out on the field to record the entirety of the cleaning process on an iPad. The introduction of the app means that information about each job such as health and safety procedures, findings and images are all uploaded instantly and can be accessed by everyone, including the client they are working on behalf of. The overall outcome is a vastly improved system for both Ductclean employees and their clients. Not only has it boosted the overall efficiency of the business, but has provided Ductclean with an asset management system that has been crucial to securing new clients, a great example of the power of an enterprise app. In a similar project on behalf of Thames Water, we built an app for field staff to record leaks, dramatically reducing the data inputting process from 20 minutes to 2-5 minutes per job .

Apps can also be a great way to train your employees, Red C project on behalf of Barts Health is an example of this. The app eCPD, is an e-learning platform created to update the NHS staff training process. This manual administration process; printing, posting, content writing, receiving, marking and providing feedback was an increasingly time consuming way to track staff development. From the app, users can complete modules and courses which also can easily be updated from the backend system. Saving valuable time for NHS employees, the app has been well received by the medical community.

The possibilities are endless, an app can be customised to suit your individual business needs. Revolutionalise your internal business processes with Red C and get in touch today.

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