Our Services

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working on a range of projects, from charity apps to corporate company apps. This has given us a wealth of experience in the services we offer below:

Native iOS & Android Apps

At Red C, we utilise platform functionalities to create the highest quality custom made apps. We understand varying devices, screen sizes, technical features, and offer our services across all phones, tablets and smartwatches.
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HTML5 Cross Platform Apps

HTML5 hybrid apps have proved a very popular method of development for us, as they employ a “write-once-run-anywhere” methodology. This means code can be reused across mobile devices, which allows cost effective production.
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API's & Web Service Connections 

A web service connection is a communication feature that allows data to be passed securely between two independent systems. At Red C, our experienced developers are familiar with building web services that connect with other API's.
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Backend Database Integration

Red C are experts at developing and connecting to existing database systems. We can work with your IT department to successfully integrate the app with your processes. Wherever you data is held, Red C can help access and open it to your customers through an app. 
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NFC (Near Field Communications)

Red C understand that users seek fast and intuitive ways of streamlining daily tasks. Thus it is our job to simplify their experience by developing apps which integrate and thrive off the communication capabilities of mobile phones. 
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Innovative UX / UI Design

Users respond to aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly apps. So prior to development, Red C offer a number of bespoke packages from demo apps to full branding and designs, ensuring your app appeals to its target audience and stands out within the crowded app stores.
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Website Development

Red C's roots are in the web; for our knowledge and experience dates back to being a website development company over a decade ago. Over this time, we have built complex web based infrastructures for many large corporates including Ministry of Defence and Sony, as well as creating more simplified landing pages to accompany app projects as a promotional tool. 
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App Marketing

Red C's offering spans far beyond design and coding. Our suite of mobile app marketing services, APP+, provides support and guideance for the crucial period of any app's lifecycle; development, launch and the first 3 months in app stores. APP+ will help you every step of the way from turning your app into a viral sensation.
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Hosting & Maintenance

Once your app is submitted and in the app store/s, Red C can offer an ongoing support and maintence contract as well as scalable hosting services to keep your app up-to-date and running smoothly. This optional cost is included and elaborated on in our formal proposal and is payable on a monthly basis.
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What next ?

We work with some of the UK leading brands to create outstanding mobile solutions. Click the button below to find out more about some of our recent projects.