Mobile app development

At Red C, we create the highest quality custom-made apps. With over 10 years experience in app development, we know what it takes to create a successful mobile solution.

We have a huge depth of technical expertise across iOS, Android and web platforms and have developed apps for most sectors and industries, so whatever your project we have the experience to deliver it.

We would love to discuss your app project with you. Get in touch to arrange a meeting.

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Our process

At the discovery stage, we give your idea the “stress test”. This involves asking you a number of questions to understand your business goals and explaining our process of helping you achieve these.


Our findings in the the discovery phase are used to map out the features and functionality required to bring your project into reality. We'll work with you to refine your initial idea into a fully defined and detailed concept, to drive the creation of the sitemap and wireframes. We prioritise these into the "Must Haves" that will make up your MVP - Minimum Viable Product.


Starting with design research, the foundation of all decisions, we start to explore the problem you wish to solve in greater depth. Following the research, we start to form ideas and come up with solutions to the problem, which are tested and iterated upon. This results in an interactive prototype showing key journeys and screens for your product.


We prefer to develop using an Agile methodology which gives you flexibility and transparency throughout the development process. Our Project Managers will keep you up to date with progress through regular meetings and feedback. We divide the tasks into 2 week sprints with regular test builds which helps keep the project on track and resolve issues quickly.


Each product has a different launch phase. Red C develops a personal launch plan with you. We manage the submission process to both the ‘Apple App’ or ‘Google Play’ stores and offer support plans to suit your project needs.

Website development

Red C's roots are in the web. Our knowledge and experience date back to being a website development company over a decade ago. We have built many complex web based infrastructures for a range of large corporates including the Ministry of Defence and Sony, as well as creating user friendly landing pages to accompany app projects as a promotional tool.

Web app development

We can create a bespoke online web system working with your IT department to successfully integrate your existing database using web service connections.

Designs that convert users

We don't use templates, all our designs are bespoke and are formulated through our UX research, providing the best experience for your customers.

Easy to manage CMS's

We use the latest CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal and Webflow to provide solutions that are easy for you and your teams to manage.

UX/UI design

At Red C, we understand that users expect premium quality designs and easy to use digital platforms. So before we commit to development, we focus on refining the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) through research and design. This can involve anything from conducting surveys and interviews, to creating persona profiles in order to ensure your app appeals to its target audience and stands out amongst competitors in the app store.

UX review

Red C specialise in optimising existing websites and apps to increase engagement and performance. Whether you are looking to drive traffic or convert more leads, our experienced team of UX specialists can ensure your website or app perform to their potential.

Research led design

We test our assumptions with real users, we get inside the minds of your customers to produce designs that appeal directly to your target market.


We test all our designs with working prototypes so we can test our results and iterate designs based on your feedback.

Enterprise mobile solutions

Red C have over 20 years experience providing leading corporates with enterprise apps that transform their business processes. Over the recent years, mobile apps have revolutionised our personal lives, enabling maximum productivity with minimum time, effort and money.

With the average young person now using apps for over 3 hours a day to gather information and perform tasks, it is clear that mobile technology has a place in business.

Improving efficiencies

Our mobile solutions typically provide an ROI of over 100% in comparison to traditional paper or desktop based systems.

Connecting to your existing data

We can also connect to virtually any data source so there is no need to migrate data or double enter, we can create real-time connects so the data in your app is always up to date.

Collaborating with your IT department

We can work in partnership with your IT department, even integrating with your processes and systems. Our project managers can integrate our developers with yours with regular Scrum-style stand-up meetings to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Flexible methodologies

We can work on a fixed price model using traditional waterfall development, or if you are seeking a more flexible approach we can adopt an agile methodology, working on a time and materials basis.

Hosting and maintenance

Red C's expertise span far beyond design and code. Once we have submitted your app to the stores, we offer an ongoing support and maintenance contract as well as scalable hosting services to keep your app updated and running smoothly.

Cloud hosting solutions

We partner with the leading cloud hosting providers such as AWS, Azure and Rackspace so we can provide you with the best bespoke solution.

Maintenance and support

We take pride in our dedication to the ongoing support of your project. We are always on hand to respond to any issues you or your customers are facing and turn fixes around promptly.

Proactive updates

Apple and Google regularly update their operating systems which often has an effect on existing apps. We can proactively test your app on the Beta version of the OS and fix any issues to ensure your app is perfect when the new OS is released to the public.

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