No business is immune to cyber threats, and criminals are constantly finding new methods of accessing your data illicitly.

By frequently assessing your network, services and applications, you can stay ahead of the curve.

We use a combination of vulnerability scanning and manual testing to proactively identify the gaps in your security, before they are exploited.


Why is it important?

A security breach can damage your brand and your reputation, and recovering from an incident can be very expensive. Over 30,000 sites are hacked every day, with attackers constantly finding new methods to access your data. Investing in a security assessment as a preemptive measure will help to protect you if you are targeted.

Software is often built by individuals with no security background, who are unaware of the processes that need to be followed to avoid introducing security issues into a system. Having a review by a security professional will produce an actionable report of issues that can be remediated before any exploitation takes place.

Vulnerability Scanning

This involves the use of automated tools to identify common vulnerabilities in a system. This includes:

  • Identifying misconfiguration of infrastructure or firewalls
  • Finding common vulnerabilities
  • Delivering a consistent and structured test, giving a wide-ranging view of the application

Manual Testing

Unlike vulnerability scanning, web application testing is a manual process; simulating the actions of an attacker on a system, in a controlled manner, without causing damage. Humans are able to use creativity and flexibility that automated tools can’t. Including:

  • Determining whether flaws can really be exploited
  • Reviewing the application for nuanced flaws and complex logical errors
  • Identifying high-risk features which could cause vulnerability
  • Providing recommendations on how to safeguard your data
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