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Mobile App Development

At Red C, we provide award-winning Android and iOS mobile app development services that delight users.

We have over 10 years of experience providing a mobile app development service for a wide range of sectors and industries, helping them meet their business requirements and offer up a quality user experience.

Whatever your ideas for mobile app development, we will work with you to refine it and ensure that the outcome meets your company’s objectives. We have a range of highly skilled mobile app designers and mobile app developers working hard to produce premium quality digital solutions. Our tried and tested processes ensure that we can produce high-quality solutions within your company’s budget and timeframe. Through our transparent processes we also ensure that you are always kept in the loop with the progress of your mobile app development project.

Discuss your project with us and find out if Red C would be a good fit for your company

App development services

At Red C, we combine cutting-edge technology with bespoke solutions to develop superior mobile and web applications. Our dedicated team leverages extensive experience and innovative frameworks to deliver tailored, scalable, cost-effective services across iOS, Android, and web platforms. Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing application or create a new one from scratch, we provide full lifecycle support, from initial development to post-launch maintenance and promotion, ensuring your project achieves lasting success.

iOS Mobile App Development

Develop native iOS applications using Swift, ensuring top-notch performance and a high-quality user experience for all Apple devices.

Android Mobile App Development

Build Android apps with Kotlin to leverage the latest features and provide a seamless experience across a wide range of devices.

Web App Development

Deliver cost-effective, custom web applications that streamline complex business processes.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Specialise in creating cross-platform mobile apps using Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform, enabling seamless functionality across iOS and Android devices from a single codebase.

App Promotion

Craft tailored launch strategies with promotional websites and social media engagement to maximise visibility and impact in app stores.

Support and Maintenance

Provide ongoing technical support, updates, and scalable hosting solutions to keep applications smooth and efficient post-launch.

Web Services and APIs

Facilitate robust integration with existing corporate IT environments, enhancing functionality and access to data across platforms.

App Updates

Offer comprehensive update, completion, and maintenance services for existing apps, enhancing functionality and ensuring continuity.

Who we work with

Our past work in implementing mobile app development has given us a great deal of experience catering to a range of business sectors from Start-ups, SMEs and all the way up to large Enterprises.

Who we work with

App Concepts

At Red C, we understand that every business faces unique challenges that require custom solutions. Our diverse range of mobile app concepts caters to various industry needs, enhancing business operations, improving customer engagement, and driving growth. From promotional tools that boost brand visibility to complex digital platforms that lead the digital transformation, our applications are designed with precision and built for success. Here’s a look at some of the innovative app solutions we’ve developed, demonstrating our commitment to quality and our capability to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.

The know-how to deliver - whether for an established industry, or something a bit more custom

Beyond these sectors, our portfolio at Red C features a range of projects across various other industries, each with its distinct technological and market demands. This wide-spanning experience has equipped us with the versatility to tackle new challenges head-on, fostering innovation and delivering value across the board.

Through our dedicated approach to understanding and addressing the unique requirements of each industry, Red C continues to stand out as a provider of choice for businesses seeking to leverage technology to drive growth, efficiency, and user engagement.

Tap to Pay Solutions

At Red C, we stay at the forefront of mobile technology, which now includes our capability to develop ‘Tap to Pay’ functionalities. This technology allows users to make secure, contactless payments directly from their mobile devices, leveraging near-field communication (NFC) technology to provide the ultimate transaction convenience.

Empowering Your Business with Tap to Pay

Implementing ‘Tap to Pay’ into your app can transform the way your customers interact with your services, offering them a faster and more secure method to conduct transactions without the need for physical cards or cash. Our development team has mastered the integration of this technology into both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a broad compatibility and reach.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Simplify the checkout process for your customers by enabling payments with just a tap, enhancing overall satisfaction and retention.
  • Increased Security: With advanced encryption and security protocols, Tap to Pay provides a safer alternative to traditional payment methods, reducing the risk of fraud and theft.
  • Broad Compatibility: Our solutions are designed to be compatible across a range of devices and operating systems, ensuring that no customer is left behind.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing application or build a new one from scratch, incorporating Tap to Pay can set your app apart in the competitive digital market. Discuss your project with us to explore how Tap to Pay can elevate your mobile app’s capabilities and appeal.