With fitness trackers and smart medical devices becoming mainstream, the mobile healthcare market will only continue to grow and flourish.

Whether you are looking to bring increased efficiencies to the medical industry, allow virtual consultations for your patients, or invent the next 'big' fitness app, Red C have the depth of experience to create an industry leading app for you.

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Healthcare development services

healthcare app development on ios

iOS' closed ecosystem and strict regulations ensure it is far more secure and is thus optimal for healthcare apps containing sensitive user data. Most iPhones now support TouchID or FaceID, bringing another level of security and privacy to the login process which we would highly recommend implementing. Apple's HealthKit allows secure sharing between apps and hardware of personal biometric data which is a great asset for Medical apps.

healthcare app development on android

Android is open-source, it offers more flexibility enabling you to customise your app by incorporating features that your audience would like to see or benefit from. Red C has a huge range of experience in developing Android apps for both mobile handsets and tablets. With some of the highest specification handsets on the market Android is an essential platform for Healthcare Applications.


Video consultations improve accessibility for patients who live in rural areas, frail/elderly patients, or patients who are immobile and unable to travel due to their health condition; optimising doctor-patient connectivity. Red C has plenty of experience in this field, having partnered with Psyma to develop one of the first mental health mobile apps in the UK. Psyma offers psychological therapy through live video consultations, ensuring that help and advice are private, convenient and accessible.


Red C have the experience to develop an entire medical platform, facilitating a huge increase in efficiency from patient appointment booking, to consultation notes and payment. We partnered with Consentz to build a bespoke clinic management platform. Using this cloud based solution, practitioners can conduct consultations using an iPad app. All stages of the consultation from the initial enquiry to managing medication and invoicing are seamlessly managed through the system which stores patient data securely.

medical training app

Medical professionals are already stretched and often don't have  access to a computer whilst working on the wards, so keeping up to date with the latest training can be a challenge. Red C worked with Barts Health to create ePCD, a Continual Professional Development app that enables NHS staff to complete the latest training modules, replacing a previously outdated paper-based system.

Support, Maintenance & security

For medical apps we offer several levels of support with differing Service Level Agreements to suit your budget and requirements.

Healthcare apps need to implement the highest level of security practices and user privacy, so we ensure that all of our apps encrypt personal data at rest and comply to GDPR regulations. Red C are Cyber Essentials certified and GDPR compliant. We test all of our server and app code against the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and recommend a penetration test by a registered third party.


ZoomClinic: a private clinic booking app

The client approached Red C with the objective of developing a mobile app that enhances the experience of searching for and booking an appointment with a local healthcare professional.

Psyma: making therapy accessible

Psyma is one of the UK’s first mental health mobile apps to offer psychological therapy through a live video call functionality. It eliminates time spent travelling and offers users access to professionally trained psychologists at a time and place that suits them best. Attempting to break down the barriers of accessibility, Psyma aims to put advice and support in the hands of everyone.

NHS: training app to replace paper-based system

Barts Health is the largest NHS trust in the UK, serving 2.5 million people and operating in East London. The eCPD app was developed across iOS, Android and Windows for wide accessibility to decrease the amount of time their 14,000 staff have to leave the frontline to attend training courses and keep their personal development up to date.

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