But what is growth hacking I hear you say? Growth hacking, a new marketing technique originally used by tech startups, involves experimental marketing across a variety of channels. It is all about finding innovative ways to get ahead of the game.

The tricks of the trade are almost classified, but we are willing to give some of ours away. Sky rocket your way to top of the App Store, then once you’ve made it into the top 50 - sit back, relax and reap the rewards.

Super charge your app store page

The App Store is a blackhole. If a user has to work to find you, they won’t. Make the most of the characters available for your app name and include an app description with keywords. Source out your competitors (trust us there will be an app like yours) and find out where they rank. If they are ranking high, it is time to steal their keywords.

App Store optimisation may seem like a lot of hassle, so utilise the multitude of optimisation tools and save yourself the leg work. Tools like AppTweak offer: reports, competitor monitoring, analysis and keyword suggestions, making reaching the well planned keywords have made it easy for users to find you, screenshots play an important part in persuading users to download. Use LaunchKit’s custom screenshot builder to create high resolution screenshots with a description.

Discover Tip #2 in our Growth Hacking series.

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July 28, 2016
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