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Consentz saw a need for improving processes in the clinic management software industry. To begin with, most clinics used software that was PC based with an outdated user interface. Consentz came to us after being let down by their existing developers. The iPad app for practitioners was almost complete, but there was no backend control panel to manage patients. In addition, we were tasked with completing a separate iPhone app for patients that allowed them to view their treatment progress. 

Red C started with a complete code review of the existing app and created a detailed functional specification. We then designed each screen of the backend to create an easy to use patient management system that revolutionised the way clinic managers run every aspect of their practice. As we were not encumbered by any old systems, we were able to envisage the whole platform from start to finish and create a seamless workflow that clinic managers love using. The development process then brought together the backend admin system with a complex app which can sync together in real-time to store patient data securely. Clinicians can use the camera within the app to record surgery progress and markup procedure details on the photo. Red C worked with Consentz to redesign that process by developing a cloud based solution whereby practitioners conduct consultations using an iPad app. All stages of the consultation from initial enquiry to managing medication and invoicing are seamlessly managed through the system. 

We built a comprehensive backend control centre website to work alongside an iPad app for practitioners to manage clinics. Everything entered via the app can be viewed in the backend website.Additionally, we developed a medical iPhone app which patients can download to view their records.  

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