Jaguar Land Rover

Red C increased the efficiency of Jaguar Landrover's business processes by creating an app that could manage their launch events.

Jaguar Land Rover: iPad app to manage launch events

Jaguar Land Rover is the UK’s largest automobile manufacturer, with its headquarters based in Whitley, Coventry. Jaguar Land Rover approached Red C to build an app that would help manage the attendees of launch events in remote locations. We created the app in order to manage all attendees and sessions within different events and to allow attendees to sign waiver forms and NDAs before test driving any vehicles.


Jaguar Land Rover had difficulty managing and collecting data related to their launch events in remote areas without an internet connection. They commissioned Red C to create a system that would solve this issue and enable them to manage their data more effectively.

Red C created an internal tablet app that made processes more efficient for managing launch events. The app tracks how many guests attend each event and allows managers to book in new and expected guests, even when in remote locations with no internet access. Users can also sign Non Disclosure Agreements and Waiver forms via the app if they wish to test drive the vehicles.



Red C worked with an events management company to create an app on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover that tracked how many guests would be attending an event.


Event managers are now able to book guests in, in remote places with no internet connection.

Event managers can also get attendees to sign necessary forms without hassle before they test drive a vehicle.

  • View event details
  • Book-in guests
  • View guest check in times
  • Offline mode
  • Sign waiver forms
  • Sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Record and store event information in a backend control panel

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