At Red C, we provide award-winning Android and iOS mobile app development services that delight users. We have over 10 years of experience providing a mobile app development service for a wide range of sectors and industries, helping them meet their business requirements and offer up a quality user experience.

Whatever your ideas for mobile app development, we will work with you to refine it and ensure that the outcome meets your company's objectives. We have a range of highly skilled mobile app designers and mobile app developers working hard to produce premium quality digital solutions. Our tried and tested processes ensure that we can produce high-quality solutions within your company's budget and timeframe. Through our transparent processes we also ensure that you are always kept in the loop with the progress of your mobile app development project.

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App Development Services

iOS MOBILE App Development

Here at Red C, we are a forward-thinking mobile applications development company deliver bespoke mobile apps to the whole of the UK. iPhones and iPads still lead the market in the UK and US so we often recommend iOS mobile application development first, and then developing the Android app afterwards. Native iOS mobile app development in the UK provides a higher quality user experience and enables your iOS app to take full advantage of all the phone's hardware.

WEB App Development

A web app is often the best starting point for a project, as it offers a more cost-effective solution in comparison to native mobile app development. We are a leading web apps development company in London with a team of committed web app developers providing high-quality web apps. Red C has extensive experience in creating web apps that simplify business processes for a range of companies, such as the Ministry of Defence and Sony.

Android Mobile App Development

Android is fast becoming the leading mobile operating system with over 70% market share in Asia and close to iOS in Western companies. Our mobile application developers have years of experience in developing Android apps for both mobile handsets and tablets. With Android's huge range of reasonably priced handsets, Android can be a good choice for enterprise solutions.

app updates

If you have an existing mobile app and wish to update it, complete it, or need a support team to keep it running, Red C can help. Our team of web and mobile application developers will review your existing code and report back any issues we find. We can then give you a quote to update your mobile app with any extra functionality you require.

HyBRiD Mobile App Development

Hybrid apps can be deployed on both iOS and Android platforms, from one codebase. We use the Ionic or React Native frameworks, meaning that we can access some native features of the phone while using HTML5 as the development language. Whilst HTML5 development provides cost savings there are limitations in functionality and quality.

Support and Maintenance

Once your mobile application is submitted and in the app stores, Red C can offer an ongoing support and maintenance contract as well as scalable hosting services to keep your app up-to-date and running smoothly. We offer several levels of support with differing Service Level Agreements to suit your budget and requirements.

Web Services & API's

Red C can connect to your businesses' existing database system. We can work with your IT department to successfully integrate an app with your existing processes. Wherever your data is held, Red C can help you access it and open it up to your customers.


App promotion is often overlooked but is crucial for the success of your mobile application. Towards the end of the mobile app development process we can work with you to create a launch plan involving a promotional website and social media pages. Additionally, we will create app store assets such as screenshots and videos that will ensure your mobile app stands out in the store.

App Concepts


Mobile apps that promote a particular product or service can drastically enhance brand awareness, brand loyalty and maximise revenue. Apps such as IronFX have proved to be a fantastic promotional tool; alerting traders of the latest foreign exchange news and events, ultimately encouraging all users to engage with the IronFX brand.


Mobile apps that facilitate social connections can transform client relations. Young Planet has found that the social connection facilitated through the app; connecting young mums is driving the app's overall increase of active users; seemingly the app's focal selling point.


We understand the needs of the financial sector; security, reliability and quality must all be of the highest priority and offered at the highest level. At Red C, we are familiar with working alongside industry regulations and compliance issues to create the most robust and seamless fintech applications.


Red C has over 20 years’ experience providing leading corporations with enterprise apps and developers that can transform business processes. An enterprise application can serve a range of purposes from improving internal operations, to driving employee engagement, as well as facilitating far more effective communication with customers.


Digital platforms are fast becoming the driver of the digital economy, with companies like Airbnb and Uber leading the way. Red C has extensive experience building complex web and mobile platforms that have enabled companies to digitise their business. For example, Consentz enables medical clinics to manage their entire business online.

internal business APPS

Mobile apps can transform business processes by facilitating in-house management of employees, remote workers and events. Jaguar Landrover's app enables them to manage launch events far more efficiently, whilst Ductlean digitised internal processes with an iPad app for their remote workers. Our mobile app developers can helpyou streamline your processes with a business mobile application.


Spark Energy: consumer app for UK's leading energy supplier

Spark Energy is the U.K’s leading energy supplier for U.K households. They pride themselves on offering a refreshing alternative to the ‘Big Six’, providing top quality customer service and innovative technology. We carried out a detailed code review of their existing app and made significant fixes to improve the app’s technology and user experience.

Thames Water: transforming business relationships

PN Daly were contracted by Thames Water to detect water leaks in the Greater London area. It was essential that in order to improve the efficiency of processes, enabling Thames Water to achieve government water saving targets, they needed to digitise their existing system. Red C developed an Android app and backend system to manage the process of detecting and reporting water leaks.

The Sharecentre: real-time share dealing app

The Share Centre is one of the UK’s leading retail stockbrokers with more than 265,000 Share Accounts and ISAs. Red C carried out a code review of the existing product and worked with Sharecentre’s internal development team to produce a seamless product. The Sharecentre app now offers a wide range of investments; from ISAs for straightforward, tax-efficient saving, to investing in your children's future or saving for a hassle-free retirement.

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