Share Centre

The Sharecentre app offers a wide range of investments, from ISAs for straightforword, tax-efficient saving, to investing for your children and a hassle free retirement.

Share Centre is one of the UK’s leading retail stockbrokers with more than 265,000 Share Accounts and ISAs.

Share Centre came to Red C after being unhappy with the cost and effectiveness of their previous mobile app development partners who had produced a Version1 native mobile app for iOS & Android.

Share Centre needed a partner that could fit in with their processes & which was a better culture fit to tackle the much bigger Version2 functionality of live trading.

Red C did an initial code review to ensure the team was ready to take on the project and to highlight key features that we would need to improve. We provided a scalable resource for experienced mobile app developers at an affordable price. We worked in Share Centre’s JIRA account & ensured there was regular communication through Slack and over the phone. This way, we were able to integrate seamlessly with The Share Centre team & deliver an extremely complicated & in-depth project.

Red C then created a timeline and budget with the Share Centre team to deliver all the features required.

Share Centre received regular update builds and the Red C & Share Centre teams collaborated regularly throughout the project to ensure a high quality result.

App Features & Functionalities

  • Native iOS (Swift) & Native Android (Java)
  • Pay in 
  • Buy Shares & Funds
  • Sell Shares & Funds
  • 'What’s New' functionality
  • Menu & UI overhaul

We have now released Version2 of the project focusing on adding new trading functionality, including the ability to buy and sell shares through the app. This is a major development, as previously users had to ‘View Shares’ and then ‘Call to Deal’ which would use the phone’s native functionality to call the company.

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