Share Centre

Share Centre is one of the UK’s leading retail stockbrokers with more than 265,000 Share Accounts and ISAs. They offer a wide range of investments, from ISAs for straightforward, tax-efficient saving, to investing for your children and for hassle free retirement.

Share Centre had an app developed which they commissioned Red C to review and improve. The Red C team carried out a code review and performed the necessary maintenance to keep the app running smoothly.

Red C also did a UI review and worked together with the client’s designers to implement best practices of mobile app design.

Currently, we are working on Phase 2 of the project, focusing on adding new trading functionality, including the ability to buy and sell shares through the app. This is a major development, as previously users had to ‘View Shares’ and then ‘Call to Deal’ which would use the phone’s native functionality to call the company.

The app is due be released May 2017.

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