Money 20/20

Mobile and tablet responsive website, with dynamic video and fast upload for Money 20/20's annual Fintech event.

Money 20/20: intuitive website developed for fintech event

Money 20/20 organise the world’s largest payment and Fintech events across Europe, the USA and Asia. The events often include well-known speakers from world-renowned companies and institutions, such as Google, Facebook and Harvard University. Red C built a mobile and tablet responsive website for the US event, with dynamic video and live updates in line with Money 20/20 events.


Money 20/20’s existing website had become outdated and difficult to navigate from both a user and admin perspective.

Red C used Webflow for the new website, a relatively new website design tool, CMS and hosting platform. The site allows administrators to upload and edit content from the front end of the website, which has transformed how the team can update the website. We also made the website fully mobile responsive and integrated an event booking platform.



Red C worked closely with Money 20/20’s in-house design team to create an engaging and stylish website to cater to the target demographic; Fintech startups.


We created an intuitive CMS so the content team could enter speaker sessions and company details swiftly and simply on a daily basis.

The team created a dynamic marketing tools generator for exhibitors which allowed the content team at Money 20/20 to create custom images to promote their stand at their events.

We also augmented Webflow with third party services such as the 'search' function which allows users to search for specific speakers.

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  • View event details
  • Book in guests
  • View guest check in times
  • Offline mode
  • Sign waiver forms
  • Sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Record and store event information in a backend control panel

Red C’s ability to take our brand and creative drive and run with it was ultimately what they delivered on. The expectations were set high and they nailed it.

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