Simple and extremely intuitive lightmeter app using a smartphone camera to create a virtual lightmeter as well as measuring colour temperature.

Whitegoods: intuitive light meter app

Whitegoods, offering seamlessly integrated lighting services under the Inter-Lux brand partnered with Red C to rebuild their existing Lightmeter app, creating a simple and handy application for lighting professionals, enabling users to take light level readings from their phone that are all date, time and geo-stamped.


With various lighting brands operating under the Inter-lux umbrella, the company are home to many lighting professionals who are often remote working without the use of a simple, handy light meter that was able to swiftly record light readings and add 'readings' to projects. Whitegoods wanted to provide a solution to such a problem by developing a portable, simple and accessible app for lighting professionals to access on their smartphones.

In addition to revamping the iOS app, we developed an additional Android app. The Whitegoods lightmeter app now enables users to take light level readings from their phone and then record or 'save' the individual readings that are date, time, and geo-stamped and can be added to projects, or rooms within projects. Users are even able to create and distribute pre-formatted PDF reports of single readings or entire projects all from within the app, drastically streamlining processes and improving efficiency for lighting professionals.



After extensive wireframing and branding we were able to create an intuitive interface.


The design team simplified the complex process of taking meter readings within the app in order to make the user experience as simple and easy to use as possible.

Red C overcame several technical challenges dealing directly with the hardware of the camera to record lighting data. The development team were faced with the complex task of calibrating the lighting settings on various smart phone devices to ensure accurate readings on a range of different devices.

The development of the CCT Meter function involved defining an algorithm to record calibrated colour readings within the app.

  • Take light level readings with your phone.
  • All readings are date, time and geo-stamped.
  • Timer function for tricky to reach spots where you can't see the screen.
  • Use the 'Room Average' function to take a series of readings throughout a room or space to find the average light level.
  • Add readings to projects, and even rooms within a project.
  • Create and distribute a pre-formatted PDF report of your single reading or entire project, right from the app.
  • Use the CCT Meter function to record colour temperature.
  • Utilise the dedicated calibration for the 'Luxi' attachment to achieve the most accurate readings possible without a smartphone.

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